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Mini-Symposium: "Pulmonary Hypertension - A Challenge"

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Lung Vascular Research organised a mini-symposium about pulmonary hypertension in the frame of the official opening ceremony of the new LBI premises in the Pulmonology Building of the Medical University of Graz. On 15th January 2015, the Director of the LBI of Lung Vascular Research, Prof. Dr. Andrea Olschewski, introduced the participants into the history of the institute. Special talks about the challenges of pulmonary hypertension were offered by Prof. Dr. Horst Olschewski und Dr. Gabor Kovacs. Special guest of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft was Dr. Peter Mayerhofer, Prof. DDr. Irmgard Theresia Lippe represented the Medical University of Graz.


Photo: The participants of the mini-symposium were offered selected talks about the history of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Lung Vascular Research and how the members approach the research challenges of pulmonary hypertension in cooperation with its research partners at the Medical University of Graz. Copyright: LBI-LVR/ Kleinschek


Prof. Dr. Andrea Olschewski and Dr. Gabor Kovacs during their presentations. Copyright: LBI-LVR/ Kleinschek