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SAB-Retreat on the Schöckl

The SAB-Retreat took place on August 26th, 2013 in the Stubenberghaus on the mountain Schöckl close to Graz, Austria. First, the participants were hiking together to the Stubenberghaus. After refreshment, those who planned to have a talk at the SAB-Meeting in September 2013 had the opportunity to introduce their research topics to the audience in order to discuss their results. Besides, in the frame of this meeting 22 posters were presented. LBI research covers a wide range of studies such as the role of nuclear receptors in inflammatory sequelae or a negative aftereffect of exposure, mechanisms of pulmonary fibrosis, genetic predisposition to pollutant-induced asthma, and development of methods for environmental intervention to reduce disease prevalence.

LBI-LVR group photo, Schöckl 26.08.2013. Copyright: LBI-LVR.