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Management Workshop of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society

The Ludwig Boltzmann Society (LBS) offers annual management workshops for the directors and deputy directors of its institutes (LBI) in order to support them in team development, employee guidance as well as general management aspects. This year, the workshop, that took place in the hotel Pfeffel in the Austrian town Dürnstein between 28. and 30. September 2015, has been organised and moderated by Michael Vogler ( and Claudia Röschl ( The central issue was corporate culture. Among others, the following questions were answered: How can we actively introduce LBS culture, in particular with regard to our commonality? and: What are the next necessary steps for a successful implementation?

Discussion of the participants (left > right): Dr. Brigitte Piso (LBI HTA), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florian Schaffenrath (LBI Neulatein), Dr. Immo Trinks (LBI ArchPro), Prof. Dr. Heinz Redl (LBI Trauma), Mag. Claudia Lingner (LBG GmbH), and Mag. Dr. Reingard Riener-Hofer (LBI CFI). Copyright: LBI-LVR

Participants of the Management Workshop. Copyright: LBI-LVR