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School Research Day in our Institute

November 23rd, 2015. Our Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Lung Vascular Research opened its laboratory doors for the young visitors of the 3rd Class of the Seebacher High School Graz. In company of their teachers, the students were allowed to enter the research areas of the Centre for Medical Research (ZMF) and even participated in the experiments. Maria Schloffer, Simone Tischler, Lisa Oberreiter and Elizabeth Blanz showed the teenagers how to work with the stereomicroscope and in the cell culture. The pupils enthusiastically did the pipetting and centrifugation. Especially great fun for them was the procedure to gain their own DNA from a saliva sample supervised by Thomas Fuchs. Finally, all participants met in the new rooms of our institute in the Division of Pulmonology, Department of Internal Medicine at the Medical University of Graz. In front of the ultrasonoscope, Gabor Kovacs answered all questions of our interested guests about the diagnosis of heart and lung diseases.


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