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Non-invasive Assessment of the Pulmonary Circulation

Non-invasive techniques for hemodynamic assessment and identification of early pulmonary vascular remodelling and borderline pulmonary hypertension (PH): Haemodynamic monitoring, particularly cardiac output assessment is decisive in managing PH patients. For follow-up of the same patient, non-invasive methods have a marked practical advantage as compared to right heart catheterization, however, their accuracy and reliability is not well established. The aim of this programm line is to provide a quantitative, non-invasive and reproducible technique with minimal user intervention for hemodynamic assessment of the pulmonary circulation.


  • Development of non-invasive diagnostics of PH using dynamic contrast-enhanced dual-energy computed tomography
  • Development of automatic software for artery-vein separation from contrast-enhanced computed tomography images:  Video about the project


  • Pienn M, Kovacs G, Stollberger R, Olschewski H, Bálint Z. Methode zur nichtinvasiven Diagnose von pulmonaler Hypertonie. Austrian Patent No. A512393, initiated for PCT countries extension in June 2013:  Video about this patent