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Awards and Grants

Best Abstract Award for Rita Papp

Our colleague Dr. Rita Papp has received the Best Abstract Award awarded at the 2nd LBG Meeting for Health Sciences on the 9th and 10th of December 2014 in Vienna. The abstract of her presentation was entitled "TMEM16A is upregulated and contributes to the depolarization of pulmonary arterial myocytes isolated from IPAH patients" and presented in the section "Cardiovascular Research".

inventum award 2013

The Austrian Patent Office honored the team of the LBI of Lung Vascular Research for the establishment of a suitable method for a non-invasive and early assessment of pulmonary hypertension. On November 18th, 2014 DI Michael Pienn received the inventum award 2013 in the "Haus der Ingenieure" in Vienna.

Photo: DI Michael Pienn is honored by Dr. Friedrich Rödler, President of the Austrian Patent Office (copyright: Ludwig Schedl)

Annual Meeting 2014 of the ASP - 7 awards, 2 lectures, 7 posters!

Photo: (left > right): Wurm, Foris, Pienn, Hoffmann, Olschewski, Kovacs, Bálint. Copyright: Wildbild.


This year, the participation of our colleagues in the Annual Meeting 2014 of the Austrian Society of Pneumology (ASP) was remarkable successful. During the meeting, which took place in Salzburg on October 2 – 4, our researchers gained a total of 7 awards listed here:

Schrödinger Scholarship for Diana Zabini !

Our colleague Dr. Diana Zabini achieved the very competitive Schrödinger Postdoc Scholarship financed by the FWF. Now she is spending two years in the Keenan Research Centre of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto (photo) in order to continue her research she started in the LBI for Lung Vascular Research. The title of her FWF project is: “The role of SMAD3 in pulmonary hypertension”.