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Conferences and Meetings

Scientific Symposium “Vascular Viewpoint”

On 30th June 2017 our LBI-LVR organized scientific symposium “Vascular Viewpoint”. It took place in the exclusive location of the Universalmuseum Joanneum in Graz. We have hosted several outstanding experts in the field of chronic lung diseases to discuss with them the importance of vasculature in the lung diseases. Our guests included: Jürgen Behr (Ludwig Maximilian University, Germany) ; Martin Kolb (McMaster University, Canada),   Joan Albert Barbera  (Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain), Edwin Silverman  (Harvard Medical School, USA) and Paul Hassoun  (Johns Hopkins University, USA).

SAB Retreat on Reinischkogel

The SAB-Retreat took place on August 26th, 2016 in the Klugbauer on the mountain Reinischkogel in Styria, Austria. Our young colleagues presented their current projects and discussed their findings with Prof. Norbert Voelkel, Faculty Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Virginia Commonwealth University, US  and Prof. Jose Lopez-Barneo, University of Sevilla, Spain.

SAB-Meeting in San Francisco: May 13th, 2016

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), represented by Drs. Steve Abman (Univ. of Colorado), Nicholas Morrell (Univ. of Cambridge), Dean Sheppard (UCSF) and Wolfgang Kuebler (Univ. of Toronto) convened on May 13th, 2016 at the Bayer HeathCare U.S. Innovation Center in San Francisco, CA, for the fifth annual review of the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Lung Vascular Research. The review was conducted according to the Rules and Regulations of the Ludwig-Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG), represented by Dr. Peter Mayrhofer.

Pulmonary Hypertension - Patient Meeting: Sept 14th, 2013

On September 14th, 2013 our colleague Dr. Gabor KOVACS organized with the intensive help of our colleague Dr. Daniela KLEINSCHEK a meeting for patients with pulmonary hypertension. More than hundred patients who are usually treated in the Out-Patient Facility of the Division of Pulmonology, Dept. Internal Medicine at the Medical University Graz joined the meeting.

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Sat, 14/09/2013 - 09:50