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Awards for LBI Researches 1st half of 2017

We are proud that our colleague Chandran Nagaraj was awarded with the René Baumgart Research Award for his work "DHA leads to the relaxation of the pulmonary arteries by activation of calcium-dependent potassium channels in pulmonary hypertension" within the framework of the anniversary of the German Society for Pulmonology.


Anna GUNGL received the ATS Travel Grant 2017 on the subject of "Fra-2-driven interleukin-1 expression leads to pulmonary vascular reconstruction via interleukin-6 and tenascin C in systemic sclerosis" sponsored by the Austrian Pneumological Society.


Slaven CRNKOVIC accepted the ATS Travel Grant 2017 sponsored by ATS for his work "Expansion of resident smooth muscle cells marks the remodeling process in the pulmonary vascularture".


Katharina JANDL won the first poster prize for her presentation at the DACH Symposium in Heidelberg on the subject of "Endostatin - a biomarker for idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension?". She received a travel scholarship from the Province of Styria for the FEBS Advanced Lecture Course - Matrix Pathobioloby, Signaling and Molecular Targets. She was also awarded with the Sanofi-Aventis Prize 2016 for "Activated prostaglandin D2 receptors on macrophages enhancing neutrophil recruitment into the lungs".


Philipp DOUSCHAN received the second poster prize of the PH DACH Symposium in Heidelberg, Germany.