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Evaluation of the LBI November 2016

After six and a half years the work of the LBI was officially evaluated by an international committee on the 7th and 8th of November 2016. The committee was led by Prof. Lewis Rubin (University of California, San Diego, US) and included Profs Lucy Clapp (University College London, UK) and Jason X.-J. Yuan (University of Arizona, US) all highly recognized researchers and experts in pulmonary hypertension. The evaluation was accompanied by Dr. Christine Petry from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Within the framework of the evaluation the institute's scientific projects and results were presented by the LBI staff and thoroughly discussed with the evaluating committee.

In its report the evaluation panel highlighted the impressive progress made during the first seven-year funding period and complemented the institute’s great team and very good scientific results.  The panel recommended further funding with enthusiasm.

The Revaluators at a glance:

Prof. Lucie Clapp, University College London

Prof. Lewis J. Rubin, University of California

Prof. Jason X.-J. Yuan, University of Arizona

Dr. Christine Petry, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft


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