02 Mar 2016 by Ludwig Boltzmann

ÖGP-Meeting in Graz: 3 awards for our institute ! | Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Lung Vascular Research

Graz, 15th-17th October, 2015. Three of our colleagues were honored with awards:

VALENTINA BIASIN: Michael Neumann Gedächtnispreis 2015

CHRISTIAN PAYER: 2. Place of the Scientific Poster Award for Basic Research

ANNA GUNGL: ÖGP Short Term Fellowship


Photos: copyright Österreichische Gesellschaft für Pneumologie

The Michael Neumann Gedächtnispreis 2015 was given to our colleague Dr. Valentina Biasin for her work about “Meprin ß, a novel mediator of vascular remodelling underlying pulmonary hypertension” published in the Journal of Pathology in May 2014. This study identified a novel protease, meprin ß, which was found to be involved in collagen deposition and vascular remodelling. The importance of meprin ß was proven in patients. Due to its upregulation it influenced the smooth muscle cell proliferation.

Christian Payer, MSc. reached the 2. Place of the Scientific Poster Award for Basic Research with his abstract entitled: “Regional differences in lung vessel morphology from thoracic CT images”. For him, this honor is a perfect finalisation of his diploma thesis. Christian: “It was a great experience to present my results and have the opportunity to discuss my work with the members of the ÖGP.”

Our colleague Anna Gungl, MSc. is going to use her ÖGP Short Term Fellowship to go to the lab of Prof. Dr. Martin Witzenrath, Department of Infectious Diseases and Respiratory Medicine at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, Germany.