23 Jul 2019 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Students of the 7th grade of the Gymnasium of the Ursulines in Graz visited the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Lung Vascular Research

On June 25, 2018, students of the 7th grade of the Gymnasium of the Ursulinen in Graz visited our institute. Head of the LBI Dr. Grazyna Kwapiszewska warmly welcomed the students. They were guided through the laboratories by the staff of the LBI and the everyday life of the researchers was presented. Afterwards, the clinical research laboratories were also presented, the importance of clinical research and the close collaboration between research and clinical medicine discussed. According to the feedback from the students, we have been able to give an insight into the world of research and medicine, and perhaps this visit has helped in choosing a career.

a. ©LBI LVR with kind approval of the Ursulinen, Graz