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Comparative Healthcare Austria-Slovenia-US

On May 15th 2019, we welcomed a group of 26 American students from the University of Pittsburgh to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Lung Vascular Research.

Currently the students are inscribed in the School of Nursing. They are going to start their careers in the area of the nursing, in the medicine, or in health management.

As part of the five-week "Comparative Healthcare" program of the Center for Inter-American Studies at the University of Graz, these students will go on excursions to various health facilities in Maribor, Salzburg and Vienna to find out how culture and health relate to one another, as well as trends emerge in health care and to look at the evolution of the health care system over time.

Diana ZABINI guided the interested students through the institute's rooms and laboratories and gave them an insight into the field of scientific and clinical research. In the concluding discussion, questions were answered and experiences exchanged.

We look forward to welcome another group of American students in late June.


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