Awards at the ÖGP annual meeting for the LBI-LVR

At the 46th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Pneumology (ÖGP), which took place from Sep…

46. ÖGP Annual conference

There are more and more patients suffering from pulmonary hypertension. Around one per cent of pe…

Research against pathological changes in the lungs

Pulmonary fibrosis is a serious disease that causes dramatic changes in lung tissue, including ha…

Podcast World Asthma Day

Everyone knows a person suffering from asthma, but what is asthma actually?

Publication on the subject of “allergic asthma”

Low oxygen levels decrease adaptive immune responses and ameliorate experimental asthma in mice

SCIENCE4ALL – Valentina Biasin

“PPIE CALL 2020 – Pilot Call for Public & Patient Involvement and Engagement in Research – of the…