The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, the Medical University of Graz, Bayer AG, NEBU-TEC and the Austrian Academy of Sciences established an innovative translational centre for lung vascular diseases in 2010.

The LBI Consortium brings together researchers and business partners in the dynamic field of pulmonary vascular biology, vascular diagnostics and reverse-remodelling therapy into a single, multi disciplinary and highly competitive institute. The LBI will favourably combine experimental know-how, innovative imaging techniques and clinical background for high-yield research in an integrated approach in order to develop new diagnostical tools and therapies for pulmonary vascular diseases.

Scientific Advisory Board:

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) supervises the LBI and its staff in order to guarantee high quality and internationally competitive scientific work. The SAB plays a consultative role in regard to the quality and relevance of the research program as well as in regard to the academic and professional development of its employers.

Advisory Board

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