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23 Jul 2019 by Ludwig Boltzmann

ERS Short-Term Fellowship for Anna Gungl

We are pleased to announce that the application of our colleague Anna Gungl for an ESR short-term fellowship has been approved by the Science Council and Executive Committee of the European Respiratory Society (ERS). ERS Science Council emphasises that the applied project by Anna Gungl entitled “The role of infections in acute respiratory worsening in lung fibrosis” was selected upon the recommendation of expert peer-review after a very competitive round.

Thus, Anna Gungl is going to spend two months in the laboratory of Prof. Martin Witzenrath in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pulmonary Medicine, Charité – Berlin, Germany starting in September 2016. She is very much looking forward to her stay in Berlin because the ESR short-term fellowship gives her the important possibility to learn new methods in the field of infection models and experience how another well-established working group solves scientific questions such as which impact do infections have in a serious disease like lung fibrosis. We wish her the best scientific outcomes for this promising collaboration!

a. ERS Short-Term Fellowship for Anna Gungl